How Jewelry Can Enhance Your Outfit

There are plenty of ways to accessorize an outfit. You can choose a great pair of shoes, style your hair with clips or scarf or add a belt of one size or another to the pants or dress. Another popular way to accessorize is with designer jewelry. You can browse the Sundance catalog and find just the right piece that will complement not just your outfit, but your personal style and, in some cases, your coloring and features. You can use certain pieces to achieve a specific effect if the outfit alone is not enough to accomplish this. It is sometimes helpful to imagine the overall look you are trying to achieve and if the clothing is not enough, choose your accessories to create the total look. For instance, a run-of-the-mill outfit can become classy, edgy, formal or business-like, just based on the accessories you choose. There are some specific accessory pieces you can use that will enhance or alter an overall look if chosen carefully.

Necklaces are one of the most popular pieces you can accessorize with. It draws attention away from your face and can highlight the neck, the low-cut neckline of a dress or top or the chest. If you think you have nice cleavage or you have a long, smooth neck, a necklace is the best way to draw attention to it. Conversely, if you feel you are looking tired, worn out or lacking in healthy color, choose a colorful necklace to draw attention away from your face. While you will not need to use this track every day, it works wonders on days when you are not feeling or looking your best.

Bracelets are a great way for you to balance your upper and lower arms. A major complaint of many women is that they do not like the look of their upper arms because it lacks toned muscles or it may be the shape or size of the upper arm. Instead of worrying about how a certain outfit or sleeve style is going to look, balance the upper and lower portions of your arm. Bracelets enable you to add substance on your lower arm near the wrist. This eliminates the tapering that occurs as you move from your shoulder to your hand, creating a more balanced look that is thinning and flattering.

Earrings have the reverse effect of necklaces, located on either side of your cheeks; it draws attention to your face. Earrings can be face framing and make your eyes, cheekbones or smile stand out. They can also highlight a long, slim neck if the pair you choose is long enough. Earrings are an excellent way to highlight a hairstyle too, especially if you are wearing an up-do.

An option some women overlook is pieces that can be worn on body parts other than the ears, neck and arms. You can wear an ankle bracelet during the summer months when your legs and feet are exposed and it will highlight shapely calves, attractive feet and thin ankles.